Top 5 Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps for Android and iOS

Whatsapp has been the best messenger apps over last few years. Now days in the market some apps are invented like as whatsapp which are now alternative apps of instant messaging. We have don’t doubt on the service of whatsapp but alternative apps are also having interesting features on their apps and their services also good as whatsapp. also we share best sites for free movie streaming

In these apps you can message to any one with free of cost as like whatsapp. Now days when we are thinking about message to someone firstly we are use whatsapp. But some alternative apps are there for messaging. They are also giving facility of instant messaging, video calling, and calling. In these apps we can share our pics, contacts, files(mp3, doc,zip).
WhatsApp is use in android and iOS operating system with paying negligible. Same features are given by these apps also. These apps are running smoothly on both the OS. Now in the below I am telling about some alternative apps of WhatsApp.


Viber is instant messaging apps like as WhatsApp. It’s need internet connection to work. It is a very fast messaging app. Instead of messaging it also allows to share your memories like photos, videos,drawn doodles, audio files,location etc. in these app you can make voice calls and video calls. Its having some interesting emojis, stickers,and animations. In that app you can make group and chat with them like as WhatsApp. For privacy it keeps your private content history. In that app you can play games.

2. Facebook Messenger

We are all know about the word FACEBOOK. It’s a social media app. In the facebook messenger app you can send messages to your facebook friends and also receives messages from them. It needs internet connection to work. In the facebook app take more time to messaging or sending your pics, videos etc. but in the messenger app you can save your time. It’s also having some beautiful emoji’s, stickers. It is simple to use as like whatsapp. It’s a very fast messaging app. Recently facebook messenger added voice calling and video calling features into the app.

3.Line: Free Calls and Messages
Line is a great app for messaging to anyone. It connects people to each other. It needs internet connection to work. It contains voice calling and video calling facility too. For chatting with someone in that app very simple and easy like as Whatsapp. It’s contain beautiful stickers and emoji’s.


Skype is a very interesting app like as whatsapp. In that app you can make a video call very easily with great picture quality. This app contains some interesting emojis and stickers which you can share with people. Previous version of that app is used for mainly video calling feature. But now in that app you can create group max of 25 people for video call and voice call at a time and 300 people in a group chat.


Telegram is created for instant messaging like as Whatsapp. It needs internet connection to work. In that app chat encryption is available for privacy policy. In that app you can exchange messages, photos, videos, and document files (mp3, zip, and doc.) also. It is a great app because it’s does not require any phone number to create a account. In that app synchronization feature is available, for that it saves the previously typed messages.
I don’t tell you that u can give up from Whatsapp. But still you can use these apps for their best features.
Thanks reader.

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